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    Nomadic Capital Partners increases risk adjusted returns through strategic investing in macroeconomic trends. Investors can gain from our insights through our global macro hedge fund or through the Pardini Report Newsletter

Outperform Traditional Investing.... Go Nomadic!

Nomadic Global Macro Fund

The Nomadic Capital Global Macro Fund is a pending actively managed portfolio of companies that specializes in identifying major global economic trends and finding publicly traded securities that benefit the most from them. Our specialities tend to be futures and emerging market equities.

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The Pardini Report Investment Newsletter

The Pardini Report provides the macroeconomic research and investment ideas generated by Nomadic Capital. It includes also real time trade updates from the hedge fund portfolio.

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Custom Solutions

In addition to the fund and the Pardini Report, Nomadic offers custom investment recommendations, portfolio consulting, and private research for individual traders and institutional investors.

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